Classic + cheese @ Flipside

Opening in 2006, Flipside was the first in what became a series of specialized burger venues opening all over Perth. I first heard about Flipside in a positive review by Rob Broadfield in the West Australian and was keen to check it out. Going to the original North Fremantle venue, I was impressed with the quality of the food and particularly pleased that they allowed BYO – sharing a 6-pack of Little Creatures with friends while eating burgers definitely qualified as a good time. Since then, Flipside have opened three more venues in Wembley, Northbridge and Como – all still allow BYO and three of the venues deliver their burgers to neighbouring small bars. It was only a matter of time before I wrote a review of a Flipside burger, so here it is.


It was almost 2pm by the time I walked into the burger bar to find most of the lunch crowd had been and gone – in fact, by the time my meal was brought to my table I was the only diner in the place. I ordered a Classic with tasty cheese ($12.50), a small serve of chips ($3.80) and a bottle of kombucha ($4.50, which was a dollar less than Grill’d for the same brand), which brought the total to a reasonable $20.80.


I’m a new convert to kombucha, having greatly enjoyed a bottle of Remedy Ginger and Lemon while doing a burger review recently. This time I opted for the Original flavour, which was a little less interesting, but still super refreshing and tasty.

The thick-cut chips arrived very hot – as they should have, especially given how quiet the place was. A couple were slightly under-cooked, but the rest were very good – crisp on the outside, soft and floury in the middle. They were less greasy than your average chip and a little under-salted which left them slightly bland and dry, but this was easily fixed with a sprinkling of vinegar.


The burger comprised of a well-toasted ciabatta roll, tomato relish, a slice of tasty cheese, a large beef patty, thinly-sliced red onion, two tomato slices, lots of crunchy iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise, all held together with a wooden skewer. It was a rather crunchy burger, with most of the crisp texture coming from the bun and the lettuce. The ciabatta had a pleasant, mild flavour and required a fair bit of chewing, but it held the burger together well and importantly, didn’t get soggy. The salad was cool and fresh, the relish sweet and tangy and the mayo subtle and creamy. Crucially, there was just the right amount of sauce which meant the burger was neither dry nor sloppy. The cheese slice had been slightly melted from the heat of the patty and provided some welcome savoury flavour and fattiness.

Unfortunately, what was otherwise a fresh-tasting and well-constructed burger was let down by what I can only describe as a sub-par beef patty. It was well-done (ok) and had a tight texture (less ok), moderate beef flavour and was full of gristle (not ok) – I had removed seven rubbery pieces from my mouth by the time I was done.Β  A better patty would almost certainly have resulted in a higher rating, but as it stands, I cannot give the Flipside Classic with cheese a rating higher than…


Have you had a Flipside Classic? What did you think? Comment below and let me know.

– Lusty

Click to visit the Flipside website


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