Create Your Taste @ McDonald’s

Yes, I’m reviewing McDonald’s. As embarrassing as it might be to admit, I like fast food. It’s cheap, convenient and most importantly, it tastes good. While my preference is usually for Hungry Jack’s (the Australian version of Burger King), I was intrigued when McDonald’s first came out with their ‘Create Your Taste’ (CYT) experience, which allows customers to design their own burger. If you choose to dine in, they’ll even bring the burger to your table on a wooden board, as well as serving your fries in a little metal basket for a real ‘restaurant experience’ – albeit in a noisy, plasticky, child-ridden setting.

I made the mistake of going to my local McDonald’s during the school summer holidays, which meant it was noisy, crowded and not at all the kind of setting needed for serious burger evaluation. I entered my order into one of the touch screen monitors, taking my time to create my ideal burger. In the end, I opted for an Angus beef pattie on a brioche bun with two slices of McDonald’s cheese, two whole lettuce leaves, two tomato slices, caramelised grilled onion, two long pickle slices and Big Mac® sauce. In a combo with regular fries and a small Coke the price came to $12.95, which I considered very good value. Wanting to avoid the hustle and bustle inside, I made my order a takeaway and headed, brown paper bag in hand, to the sanctuary of my car.


I rarely drink soft drink these days, but tend to make an exception when visiting the double arches. The Coke was nice and cold but rather flat, which accentuated its sweetness – good thing I only got a small.

The shoestring fries were hot, crispy and well cooked with a generous amount of grease – typical McDonald’s fries. They were a little over-salted to my taste, but not enough to stop me from finishing the lot.


The burger was a bit hit-and-miss, partly due to my choices, partly due to the quality of the ingredients. The brioche bun was lightly toasted on the inside, oddly yellow in colour and overly sweet. On the plus side, it had a nice soft, squishy texture you wouldn’t get from the other bun choices. The salad was still cool, but texturally poor – the lettuce was dry and the tomatoes mushy and lacking in flavour. The pickles were nice, crisp and briney, the caramelised onions added a little sweetness, while the orangey McDonald’s cheese was barely melted from the heat of the beef and had just the right amount of flavour. The Angus patty was well-done, greasy and low in beef flavour – just like every other Maccas burger. The best choice I made in designing this burger was choosing the Big Mac® sauce, which was creamy, tangy, savoury and absolutely delicious.


There are things I would do differently next time I order a CYT burger – reducing the lettuce and adding a strip or two of bacon –  but I’m not sure if that would be enough to lift the rating above what I’ve assigned to this burger, which is, fittingly:


Have you made a McDonald’s Create Your Taste burger? What ingredients did you choose and what did you think of the burger? Comment below and let me know.

– Lusty

Click to visit the McDonald’s Australia website


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