Grill Masters Classic Angus @ Hungry Jacks

When I’m after a fast food burger, a Whopper with cheese from Hungry Jack’s is usually my default choice. I recently decided to try something different from their premium, Grill Masters range and settled on a Classic Angus, which looked to be the best match for my tastes. On the website, the burger is described as such: β€˜Flame grilled, thicker, juicier Aussie Angus beef makes it too good to resist. Served with an Artisan Brioche bun, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, caramelised onions, tomato relish, herbed mayonnaise and cheddar cheese.’ Sounds good to me.

I rolled up to my local HJs for a late weekend lunch, only to see it near capacity indoors and with a long procession of cars filling and spilling out of the drive through. I opted for the drive through and to the credit of the staff, I had my order in my hand in less than ten minutes – fast food indeed. Peckish rather than starving, I went for a small combo (chips and Coke) which at $12.25 seemed good value, though obviously more expensive than the regular HJs burger options.

The Coke was pretty much as-expected for a fast food postmix – cold, flattish and oversweet. The chips were a skimpy serve – one of the best things about getting takeaway fast food is finding fries/chips that have spilled over from their packaging into the bag, so I was disappointed to find none. HJs used to have shoestring fries that were much like those at McDonald’s, but recently made the switch to thicker-cut chips. These chips were deep golden-brown, square-cut with medium thickness, a very crunchy exterior (not unlike beer battered chips) and were firm, but yielding on the inside. I can’t decide whether I like them more, or less than the old fries, but they’re indisputably good.

The Classic Angus was a rather messy burger – within seconds of the first bite there was lettuce and tomato falling onto my lap (which I’d thankfully covered with the paper bag) and I had mayo running down to my wrist. The matte brown brioche bun was toasted on the inside and filled (top-to-bottom) with herbed mayo, gourmet lettuce, two tomato slices, caramelised onions, a translucent slice of cheddar cheese and a big, thick, dark brown beef patty. The bun was OK – soft and slightly sweet. The salad seemed fresh, but it would have been nice if more of it had stayed in the burger. The herbed mayo had good flavour, but there was far too much of it and it was quite thin, which added to its messiness. Less sloppy, but more of a problem was the relish, which was as sweet as apricot jam – yuck! Plain old ketchup would have been a much better choice.

The well-done patty was dry, with subtle smoky flame-grilled flavour – pretty much typical HJs flavour, but a bit beefier (I assume the Angus beef makes this difference). The cheese had good flavour, but it needed a second slice to stand out against the sickly-sweet relish. Ending on a positive note, the caramelised onions provided a great hit of umami and were the highlight of the burger. Leave out the relish and it’s not a bad burger, but in it’s original state, the Classic Angus is…


Have you had a Hungry Jacks Grill Masters Classic Angus? What did you think? Comment below and let me know.

– Lusty

Visit the Hungry Jacks website


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