Black Angus @ MOP

Two weeks after doing a review at Jus Burgers in Leederville, I found myself sitting just ten metres away, eating another burger, but this time instead of a renowned burger bar, I was in a donut shop. MOP (standing for Made of Premise) serves a range of flavoured donuts, booze spiked donuts, shakes, freek shakes (which need to be seen to be believed) and – of most interest to me – donut burgers. What is a donut burger? Read on to find out…

MOP outside

MOP is a tiny place, with a single table outside and three narrow benches inside. In a nod towards the big fast food chains, there were no paper menus – all the food options were displayed on posters on both sides of the room. While I was tempted to try a milkshake, at $10 they were quite steep, plus I don’t need the extra calories. With that decision made, it was a no brainer to go for a burger combo, which adds waffle chips and a drink to any burger for $14.90 – truly stunning value. The Southern Style Chicken Burger looked good, but I decided for the sake of fair comparison to go for their beef burger – the Black Angus.

MOP meal

My drink was a can of Schweppes Lemonade – regular readers will know I’m not the biggest soft drink fan, but the choices were soft drink or water and I didn’t feel like being that healthy. The waffle chips were excellent – hot, creamy on the inside and super crispy with paper thin batter that reminded me of deep-fried soft shell crab. They were well-seasoned and tasted more like wedges than regular chips, partly due to having the skin left on, which added to the flavour.

Like all the burgers at MOP, the Black Angus uses a donut bun, which is filled (top-to-bottom) with MOP sauce (a flavoured mayo), pickles, bacon, sweet caramelised onions, a slice of cheddar cheese, a compact-but-thick beef patty, shredded iceberg lettuce and diced raw red onion. The donut bun was sweeter than your average burger bun but no sweeter than the brioche you find at some burger joints. More notable was its squishy softness and buttery richness, which reminded me of a good croissant. It’s a moderately sized burger but quite messy – you wouldn’t want to eat it in your car. The bacon was quite soft but tasty, adding umami and grease, which was balanced by the piquancy of the crispy pickles. The caramelised onions were too sweet for my liking, but this wasn’t a big problem as they mingled with the savoury MOP sauce. The processed cheddar cheese slice was creamy with good flavour an even melt from the heat of the patty.

MOP Black Angus bitten

Speaking of the patty, it was cooked medium-well and had a very fine texture (which gave it a mouthfeel similar to some mass produced patties), a slightly caramelised crust, moderate beef flavour and a little finely diced onion. It’s a super-rich burger, indulgent and heavy (it’s a good thing it’s not any bigger) but oh-so worth it. I can say without hesitation that the MOP Black Angus is…


Have you been to MOP and have you tried their Black Angus? What did you think? Comment below and let me know.

– Lusty

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3 thoughts on “Black Angus @ MOP

  1. Took the family to MOP for dinner tonight. The wife went for a their fried chicken burger, a slider for the bub and I had another Black Angus. Possibly even better this time, great value, highly recommended.


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