BURGERlust goes AWOL!

So I realise it has been ages since I’ve made a post and I should probably – make that definitely – give everyone an explanation why. 

While my search for Perth’s best burger has continued, it also slowed down significantly. I realised at the start of this year that adding a weekly burger meal to my diet would have an effect on my waistline, so I resolved to go to the gym three times per week instead of the usual two. Up until April it was working beautifully – I was eating burgers almost every week and had actually lost weight, but since then, things have changed for the worse. I injured my back, got the flu and then injured my shoulder all within the space of a month, which ground my gym going to a complete halt, while my work situation got busier, requiring me to work more days and longer hours. On top of this, I dropped my phone in my two-year-old’s bath – killing it (the phone, not the child!) which meant I lost the pictures and notes from two reviews I had just done. The combination of these factors resulted in me neglecting the blog completely up until now.

The reviews I lost were of the Yankee Doodle at Missy Moos (McAverage) and the Troublemaker at Johnny’s Burger Joint, which was my first ‘BURGASM!’ since I started the blog. It was so good I went back for another a few weeks later, although this time there was way too much mustard and mayo, which nearly overwhelmed the beef, but it was still worthy of being called a ‘Tasty Burger’.

Since then I’ve had a Hungry Jacks Whopper with Cheese (McAverage, but still my go-to fast food burger), two McFeasts from McDonalds (also McAverage but by far my favourite burger from the double arches) and a Beef Burger from Braised Bros. (OK… but only if you’re super hungry – seriously, forget this burger and get their pulled pork which is actually really good). 

Another recent development is that I’ve started making my own burgers at home, which I will write more about in my next post, hopefully later this week. In the meantime, what burgers have you eaten lately? Have you tried any of the burgers I’ve mentioned and if so, what did you think? Comment below and let me know!

– Lusty


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