Levels of Burgerdom

All burgers reviewed on this blog are assessed on a range of criteria, including the quality of the bun, sauces, meat and accompaniments as well as the ease of eating and overall enjoyment. They are then placed on the Levels of Burgerdom โ€“ a hierarchy of five awards thatย separates the great from the mediocre and the mediocre from the truly dismal. Read on for a brief description of each award.

1. A crime against Burgerdom


A chore to eat. Unworthy of the name burger.

2. OKโ€ฆ but only if you’re SUPER HUNGRY


The kind of burger you might enjoy – if youโ€™d skipped a meal or two.

3.ย McAverage


Iโ€™m not loving it, but Iโ€™m not hating it either โ€“ a decent burger.

4. Aย Tasty Burger!


You wouldnโ€™t kill to get one, but youโ€™ll always be satisfied with a tasty burger.



The best of the best, the greatest of the great; the burgasm is the highest honour any young aspiring burger can dream to achieve. The kind of burger you’d consider swapping your *insert least favourite family member* for.

Note:ย While fries, other sides, drinks, service and value are mentioned in many reviews, they do not count towards the burger’s rating on the Levels of Burgerdom.


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